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Thread: Hacking with DOS?

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    yup....agree with you....

    u just told the kids something new

    i immagine the copy and paste.... wish there was a counter for that loool
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    beee, please read scratchINtheBOX's previous post ( that's the one right before yours on page one )


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    Ok, obviously some people don't get what scratchinthebox was trying to say, so I'll translate it:

    Don't post in 2 year old threads!!!
    I am the uber duck!!1
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    i'll make the post of Theduck even more clear

    Don't post in 2 year old threads!!! <--------------------
    Don't post in 2 year old threads without any wothwile answers or suggestions!!!:-D
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    Arrow READ THE FAQ


    Now, I can see more reasons why the AO guys are pissed off and will probably NEG you some if you don't get yourself more AWARE of the FAQ.

    \"Life without FREEDOM is no life at all\". - William Wallace
    MyhomE MyboX StealtH (loop n. see loop.)
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    thank you for all your sugestions
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    I wrote an IP-Scanner in Batch, too. Look at this (long version/short version):

    ================================================================@ echo off

    if %1 == --help goto hlp

    set a=0
    set aa=0
    set b=%2
    set c=-n
    set d=-f

    del alive.txt
    del shared.txt

    set a=%1
    set /a b = b + 1

    if %b% == %3 goto end

    echo testing %a%%b%
    ping -n 1 -i 1 -l 1 -w 1 %a%%b% |find /i "Empfangen = 1" || goto endofloop
    rem ===:::>>> der errorlevel beim ping gibt nicht immer 0 für erfolgreich aus, gelöst mit "||" (nachfolgendes bei fehlschlag des vorherigen ausführen)

    echo ==========================>>alive.txt
    echo %a%%b%>>alive.txt
    if %c% == %4 goto netname
    if %c% == %5 goto netname

    rem ===:::>>> durch die obige Funktion kann man die Parameter -n und -f in beliebiger Reihenfolge zueinander angeben

    goto 1


    nslookup %a%%b% |find "Name:">>alive.txt


    if %d% == %4 goto share
    if %d% == %5 goto share
    goto endofloop


    echo ==========================>>shared.txt
    echo %a%%b%>>shared.txt
    net view %a%%b%>>shared.txt


    goto loop


    echo .
    echo ===== Hilfe =====
    echo Parameter1: IP bis zur 3. Stelle, inkl. Punkt
    echo Parameter2: 4. Stelle der IP bei der der Scan starten soll
    echo Parameter3: 4. Stelle der IP bei der der Scan enden soll
    echo Parameter4: -n ; Namensaufloesung (auch von offline Rechnern da nslookup!)
    echo Parameter5: -f ; zeigt die Netzwerkfreigaben (experimentel)
    echo .
    echo Beispiele:
    echo ipscan 192.168.1. 0 66
    echo Das Netz wird gescant.
    echo ipscan 192.168.1. 6 9 -n
    echo Das Netz wird gescant + NetBIOS-Names werden ausgelesen
    goto end2

    type alive.txt


    @echo off

    echo IP-Scan>ipscanlog
    echo Starttime:>>ipscanlog
    time /t>>ipscanlog
    set a=81.201.41.
    set b=1

    set /a b=b+1
    if %b%==25 goto end
    ping %a%%b% -n 1 -l 10 -w 1|find "Empfangen = 1"
    if errorlevel 1 echo %a%%b% is dead>>ipscanlog
    if not errorlevel 1 echo %a%%b% is alive>>ipscanlog
    REM cls
    goto loop

    find "alive" ipscanlog
    echo Starttime:>>ipscanlog
    time /t>>ipscanlog
    find ":" ipscanlog
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