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Thread: You can't miss this skin!!!

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    You can't miss this skin!!!


    If you use Winamp3 (hadn't tested it in other versions) and you don't know it, you can't miss this skin, it's impressive!!!

    At least install it and just take a look at it, it's not the same to see a screenshot than testing it, you'll see why.

    You have to unzip the file i uploaded and put it in the Winamp skin folder to then change it from inside Winamp, but if the file i uploaded doesn't work you can download it from here and it will install itself automatically.

    If you choose to use this skin, i recommend you to look at its features carefully, it's a really wonderfull skin, open and look at it equalizer (on the right), open the visualization screen (on the right) and look at the different screen it has to change, or open the configuration button (on the left) and choose "Color Themes" to view the enormous quantity of different colours it has.

    It's cataloged as one of the bests skins ever, if not the best!!!

    One more thing, if you are a skin lover then check this article here its a really good article worth to read it.

    Hope you enjoy the skin.


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    Whoa... this looks so good it makes me wanna upgrade from Winamp 2.80
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    i upgraded from winampxx to winamp3 and i am very disappointed with winamp3 and no longer use it .. nice skin tho
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    WinAmp 3 is very slow, it's eats up a lot of the system resources.
    In order to give more visual effects then quality, as winamp makers used to concentrate on before, they've compromised on that, and just for looks. How lame. I don't want to use Winamp 3, in comparison to it's older versions, but just can't go back.

    Edit : Wonderful SKin.

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    WOW love it
    thanks DR. i'm using v.3. it's gr8 and looks cool
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    even though i use winamp 3 i have to say that the most stable version is 2.80 .too many bugs regarding stability.they tried to make it a full media player but they just made it much heavier than before.the only difference i can figure out is that the program opens quicker than before!

    by the way,quite impressive skin!!!!!

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