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    Stealth Force Beta

    There was a group of "geeks" that called themselves Stealth Force Beta who pulled off some really great stunts/pranks. I spent a lot of time here reading earlier. I thought that many of you would appreciate what courage and brains it took to pull off stuff like this. It is def. worth the read. These guys/girls are impressive.

    There are quite a few "missions" and I just included ones that they thought were the best.
    There is a whole bunch more.
    Stealth Force Beta was a secret society that thrived on the campus of New Mexico Tech from 1989 through 1992, following the credo of "Constructive Vandalism". The Stealth Force generally worked under cover of darkness, and always in secret.

    The Beta Operatives were nine men and three women, each of whom exemplified the Beta Spirit of loyalty, courage, and secrecy. No matter how hopeless or dire a situation looked, Beta Operatives always pulled through. The most amazing acts of valor were rewarded with Beta Medals--the coveted Purple Toe awarded for Bloodloss in the Line of Duty, and the ultimate award, the Greasy Rail for Miserable Suffering and Valiant Escape from a Wretched Greasepit.

    The leader of Stealth Force Beta was Tom Jones--code named "Sasquatch"--mild-mannered editor of the school newspaper Paydirt in 1990 and 1991. After a tumultuous triple-ballot 1991 student government election, Sasquatch was elected president for the 1991-1992 school year.

    Now that statutes of limitations have expired, nearly all can be told. Here are the stories of most of Stealth Force Beta's fifteen operations, and the amazing operatives who performed them. Click on any mission name below with a colored box around it. The best missions to read are

    Operation Public Hanging , in which we hung banners bearing the name of our rival school from the tallest building on campus. This was the most visible, most secret mission, and involved a grappling hook injury and death-defying remediation when a banner got stuck.
    The Centennial Operations , in which we repeatedly employed devious means to help make the Centennial Plaza a better place. This was the most complex series of missions, and the benefits of its constructive vandalism continue to this day. We still don't know who stole the railroad ties after we stole them.
    Operation Up Your Shaft , in which we filled the elevator in the administrative building with weighted black balloons. This mission posed the greatest challenges to achieve its mysterious not-quite-successful end, and was the second time a Beta Operative's life was in danger.
    Operation Gaseous Research , in which we lit butane on fire, complete with very pretty pictures.
    How much fun would it be to actually have pulled some of that off yourselves?! Amazing to me.
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    The Engineering school at Rice rotated a statue 180 degrees in one night. The cool thing is the school left the statue that way

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    i heard, a few years back, some students at rice dis-assembeled a professors car and put it back together inside the school. i wasn't there (****!) but thats what i heard.
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