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Thread: Question about IIS.

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    Question about IIS.

    Ok, ive read a lot about IIS. Though everything ive read about it only says what it does. Could you guys give me some examples on how IIS is used. I dont' want to know how it works really, just what apps/protocols use it.


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    You use IIS for a Web Server. It is for the M$ platform, normally run on a NT family based OS.

    This link has a ton of info on its features and protocols.

    There is a lot of info about IIS out there... try google.
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    i gotta say i really don't understand what it is your asking!

    if you want to know what clients can access services running on an IIS server!?! any internet client can access the service it was designed for, on iis, if that service has been enabled. just like any other server. it dosn't matter what os the client is on

    it can serve up ftp, telnet, nntp, smtp, www all with their appropriate protocols to name the more common ones.

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