Hi everybody,

I have been a AO guest for around a month. There was a moment when i was decided to join AO but i start seeing things i didnt't like, so i just stayed as a guest for some more time and:

- I have read the entire FAQ of the site many times.

- I have read mnay usefull tutorials that were very helpful to me.

- I know don't have to post or ask about hacker stuff, script kiddy @#~$%.

- I don't have to negg for nothing.

- I have to post in right forums.

- And have read carefully many other things, comments, threads and posts, etc.

- And one of the importants: complaining about antipoints? what's complain? it's not in my dictionary.

So i'm ready guys, i hope to learn from you and i offer my little knowledge to this site too.

(I posted this here because i hope to receive advices or welcome replys)

Talk to you soon!