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    Question New RPG

    Harry Potter RPG

    A few frends of mine are trying to put together a Harry Potter RPG. I was asked to find some people good in HTML and see if they'd like to help design a site. If anyone would like to, please check out that link and apply. Thanks!

    Edit: The site is still accepting app's. No one updated it. Sorry for the confusion!
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    I will Take a Look!

    Sure I will take a Look if ther is Stil Time!

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    Thanks for the info Jena!!!, i have just signed up sending them my info and websites URLs.

    Good luck to the rest of you too!!!

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    Good luck at your RPG. Unfortunately, most people who make fan games get sued by the company or person who owns the rights to the characters.

    Also, "We will be accepting applications until January 1st, 2002." Shouldnt that be 2003?
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