Here you have two good articles about taking care online with frauds, IDs, etc.


Recognizing that more consumers than ever would take to the Internet for holiday shopping this year, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission warned consumers to be cautious. Their first piece of advice: Deal with only those companies that you know and trust. But because the Web is a blind medium, sometimes it is not even possible to verify the identity of the person at the other end of a transaction. On the disinformation superhighway, scams are increasingly successful at passing for the real McCoy
an online work-at-home scam that collected some quarter-million-dollars from consumers but never delivered any promised envelope-stuffing work; and... But closing fast is online identity fraud -- the exact type of scam recently run on eBay users. And it takes many forms
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The bad news is no secret, but it bears repeating: If you have bought anything online in the past several years, your personal information , including your home address and credit card number, is probably accessible via the Internet -- and available to people with less-than-noble intentions
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