Hello Everyone I am a New Member! I thought I Let you all Know SomeThings about me! I am 5'10, Black Short Spiky Hair, Hazel Eyes, Not Telling my Weight But Give u a Area 180 to 220, I am Italian, Athletic! I Love To Play Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football! I am From Cleveland, Ohio..... I know JenaLynn She is a good Friend of Mine in RL! I Play A Large Amount of Online Games to name a Few: Planetarion, StarSphere, Dark Galaxy, Last Horizon, Star Trek ConQuest Online, WWE With Authority, ChronX, Starcraft and As Soon as I Get it CounterStrike! I Love Anything that has to Do with Space So if you have any Really Cool Pictures Please Get ahold of Me and I would love if you could send them to me! I have a Pic If Anyone wanna Take a Look! My Messager Info Go's Like This ( [AOL] XtremeDew21 [AIM]CoolItalianGuy21 [Yahoo] Gtmax21 [MSN Messager] Gtmax21@Hotmail.com [ICQ] 112986146 So if you ever want to get ahold of me I am on One of the above! Well Thanx For ur Time!