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Thread: kazaa backdoor virus(maybe for morpheus?)

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    kazaa backdoor virus(maybe for morpheus?)

    There is a virus on kazaa, disguised as any of nearly 100 files, from supposed "porn extracors" to game iso's, that, when downloaded and run, infects your system32.exe file, causing cmd.exe to pop up and close continuously whenever you log in. it also creates every file name that it is downloadeable as in your my shared folder. this seems mostly harmless, if slightly annoying, but it is causing problems for your system32.exe. if you leave windows running for any serious length of time it will cause your system32.exe to stop responding, and creates a serious risk for corruption. the biggest problem however, is that most virus detection software, while able to find it, are not able to repair, and must delete system32.exe. most windows computers have all vital system files backed up, and can replace it with a fresh, uninfected system32.exe, but if there is corruption, which is all too common with windows you could be up a creek without a paddle. Kazaa comes with a built in virus checker, bullguard, which will auto check everything you download, and alert you, and does detect this virus. But there again, there is a problem. in default settings, bullguard is not running in kazaa, so as not to interfere with a personal virus scanner people might use, and it must be enabled. i strongly recommend that everyone enables this, even if you have your own virus scanner already(a little extra protection never hurts). And always be wary of any 21kb exe file, especially if it labled as a different type of file. remember, Paranoia is your friend.


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    Just another reason to not use programs like Kazaa - this is just one example of the many viruses floating around these P2P networks. I'm sure there are many unknowing users who infect themselves everyday by participating in the file-sharing networks.
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    P2p software is rampant with viruses and Trojans. To minimize the risk of being infected stick to downloading non-executable files like .mp3 .pdf .jpg. Try to avoid .exe .com .bat.

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    quick tip....kinda funny lol after i read this post and went back to the home page this one loaded, lol.

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    Actually, people running Windows Xp should also be careful with mp3s.

    Yesterday Foundstone CEO George Kurtz announced that flaws in two popular music players could allow a MP3 or WMA file that has been modified to take possession of an individual's PC.

    Nothing to worry about if you have everything patched however.
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