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    Lindows funds Xbox hacking...

    Michael Robertson, CEO of software company Lindows, has revealed himself as the formerly anonymous donor of $200,000 in prize money in a contest to translate the Linux operating system to Microsoft's Xbox video game console.
    The first challenge was to get Linux running on an Xbox, a goal that has already been met by several developers.
    The second challenge, to run Linux on an Xbox with no hardware modifications, has been more of a struggle.
    Read the full story here.

    Isn't that great... getting people to hack the company that you are up against in court... lol

    Looks like he's got quite a few tricks up his sleeve... They're pullin out the big guns.
    They're gonna need them.

    He's even trying to sue M$ over the copyright for Windows.

    Read that story here.
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    Hehe, very interesting articles, thanks for posting.

    This fella is a trip, but he's fighting, in a sense, for some fairly worthy causes. While MicroSoft has obviously the upper hand in fights between the two (because of money and backup), these guys are really putting up a fight. Cheers to them.

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    Hip Hip Hurrrrrrrraaaaaayyyyyyyyy, M$ has a challeneg. Yeah jehnny, cheers to them for sure, I hope they come out on top.

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    certainly someone from here can hack the xbox and then give jp the money and he wont have to sell AO any more just a thought Im also taking donations.

    If it helps I know how to flash the bios let me know
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