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Thread: infected with trojan & virus

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    Post infected with trojan & virus

    Alright, I had recently bought a book called hack attacks revealed and I installed the tools from the cd. I was checking out the interfaces of all the tools. I did the mcaffee online scan and it says I have 'spam bomber' virus and 'sennaspy2001' trojan. I used my norton av and it didn't pick up any viruses. I then tried avg antivirus and it found nothing as well. BTW I did these scans in safe mode. So then i searched for the files that were infected and found deleted both the spam bomber and sennaspy2001. I then scanned again with mcaffee and it still shows up that I am infected. Okay so I figure that they have a backup copy in the restore folder but don't know a whole lot about using this technique. Any help on how to get rid of these would be great. Thanks


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    Well, using those virus scanner's should point out the location of the file, if it doesn't than that's not good. Continue scanning, try searching manually for infected files (sometimes you can tell) and make backups. I'm not sure what the CD has to do with anything other than the fact it might have contained some of the virii/trojans. Maybe they were for testing purpose's, I'm not sure.. You can also try looking on top Virii detection site's for removal instructions.
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    I have been useing Tauscan, a product of Agnitum. It detects and removes Trojans. Simular to a Anti-Virus it uses a database of signatures which need to be updated regulary. Agnitum also offers a Firewall called Oupost, I dont use thier firewall but I do recomend Tauscan for detecting and removing trojans. It also has a memory resident portion of the scaner that constantly monitors in the background for Trojan hourses. I recomend it. In my opinion it is worth buying.

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    I also have that book. Yes, there are a bunch of viruses on there.

    Scan the CD and see what you come up with. Make sure to take note of which ones have virueses. There are plenty of programs on there that don't have it, but a lot of that is souce and you have to compile it yourself. Hense... viruses and trojans.

    I only install those programs on my "test" boxes. When you are playing with new "security" software... it is a good idea to install them on a different box than you use for your everyday stuff. One that is of really no importance to you. I've found that even an old Dual PII 266 is good for that. Just beef up the ram. Kinda slow, but for testing, its not bad.

    Just so you know... antivirus programs love to tell you that you have a virus even if you don't. They do this frequently with the "hacking" programs. Like the ones that are on the CD you are using. I get mixed results by scanning with different antivirus programs though. Mcaffee seems to report more than Norton, but they both report a lot!
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    On your question about backup copies being kept due to using system restore, yes, this can happen with Windows ME/XP.
    Mcafee (like all other AV vendors), includes instructions as to how to disable this at http://vil.nai.com/vil/SystemHelpDoc...SysRestore.htm
    Hope this helps!

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