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Thread: Net Cafés Provoke Bloodshed?

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    Net Cafés Provoke Bloodshed?

    Do Net Cafés Provoke Bloodshed?


    LOS ANGELES -- A Los Angeles city councilman has called for an investigation of violence at so-called Internet cafés, a step that could prompt a crackdown on the popular and controversial sites for PC-based games.

    The investigation of the cybercafés, also known as "PC bangs," came after a brawl erupted between rival groups playing in a tournament involving the online combat game Counter-Strike.
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    Wow!!! What could be happening in the minds of these idiots to do this kind of stupid things? If playing Counter-Strike makes them reacting like that i don't want to think if they play more violent games as Soldier of Fortune 1, Quake or Unreal Tournament, etc.

    I almost sure the councilman will use this to put people against video-games but it has nothing to do with this. If your mind is in the right place, you could play games forever without getting "crazy" like that. Millions of persons of different ages had played violent games for years and just because in "different" places of "different" countries, "different" idiots do these kind of "different" stupid acts, it doesn't mean games have the whole fault. I love games, girls, sports, computers, etc... and my mind isn't disturbed for an unreal thing on a screen (although i know many times some people get mad for this). Things like these happen from time to time but people i used to forget it quickly and come back as if nothing has occurred.

    Besides, cyber-cafés give the opportunity to persons (any age) that don't have a computer to be in the "actual" world at least for a moment... until they get disconnected, hehe!!!

    Nice post!!!


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    that's bul****t!!those people say that if i play tetris one day i will try to be a brick and fall from a roof in order to fiil a line?

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