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Thread: .htm = folder deletion

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    .htm = folder deletion

    I was talking to my friend who happens to be the one behine www.safehack.com and he pointed out this very interesting thing to me:

    If you have a file called whatever.htm and in that same location you have a folder called
    whatever_files if you delete the whatever.htm it will also delete the whatever_files folder without asking any questions

    on c:\ i have a file called boo.htm
    on c:\ i also have a folder called boo_files

    if for some reason i choose to delete boo.htm my folder boo_files (possible containing valuable data) will also be deleted without my permission/without asking a single thing.

    for more on this check out http://www.safehack.com/Advisory/ie_files_issue.txt

    what do u guys think of this? It is very interesting and not very bright on the side of microsoft!

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    Well isn't that interesting?!

    Gives me something to play with tomorrow!

    Nice find.
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