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    Post NetBSD Live

    The great people at NetBSD have introduced a great "Live" demo CD. I caught wind of this at linuxiso.org. Anyway its NetBSD 1.6 and dont be fooled by the small download size of 229mb. Once uncompressed it comes in at around 700mb. Windows users might have trouble uncompressing this because of the .bz2 format. I dont think winzip can open .bz2 format, but Im not sure since I have not used it in quite a while. There is a program for windows called power archiver that is freely downloadable and can handle the .bz2 format. Check it out at http://www.powerarchiver.com . NetBSD Live is pretty easy to set up and use, and the only real questions asked while booting concerns the network settings so this would be a great thing to try out even for *nix newbies. It does indeed come with Xfree86 and kde 3, but the only other window manager available is twm. In case anyone does try it, the root password is "root" which I had to guess since you dont set it yourself, and you are never told what it is. Probably a good idea to change this ASAP if you are hooked up to the internet. This is a pretty easy way to try out *nix and more specifically BSD. If you are interested check out http://www.linuxiso.org/distro.php?distro=16 It is the second item under i386
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    Hey thanks I have been playing around with BSD variations lately and I will have to check this out.
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    Sounds neat, I will try it shortly I hope, if I have the patience and the time.


    Another compression app for windows which handles bz2 files no problem with the latest versions is pkzip(my favorite windows zip app).

    It can be found here..


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    Thanks for link the preacher... Will that NetBSD almost the same as OpenBSD?

    I built my OpenBSD 3.2 at home ..I've got funny story here.. when the first time I installed OpenBSD I couldn't see any KDE,GNOME,etc..(basicly just X screen...maybe like window maker or blackbox for Linux but without KDE/GNOME)and the screen almost blank (only 4 small little tiny desktop boxes it says "openbsd" at right corner), and I thought something wrong with my installation...So I installed again 2 times..(how dummy I am ) and I didn't realised I have to add my own package!..hehehe..
    But well... the end of story I like it...very simple OS

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