i have a win xp computer, which is no longer connected to the internet due to the privacy issues with wmp8, and every now and then i need to transfer documents from my linux box to the winxp machine and one of the things i did to day was attempt to play a riped game on the winxp laptop.i was unable todo so. but i have a comp with win98 and on that one i caould. i also have tried to watch a ripped dvd on the xp laptop, same thing all it does is bring up files. so i started tryin to find ways to solve these issues on the internet, unfortunatly i could not find anything. then i had a thought, with tcpa and palladium in the works what if M$ has already implemented certain aspects into windows xp? one of the things that palladium is supposed to monitor is any pirated software and makes it so it can not be used...or even stored on your computer.so my thought is what if M$ has already installed some minor things to make it very difficult to operate any pirated software? i want to know your thoughts, is this a dumb idea? are there answears to my questions on the net and i just didnt look hard enough? or is it a very valid idea? by the way i have a buddie and his XP machine has the same issue...coincedence? thanx for all replies in advance.