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Thread: Reformat failure.

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    Reformat failure.

    Hey just wondering how do I fix my reformat? After some hardware issues I decided it was best to just reformat after taking out the old hardware. anyway I did that and now my cd seem tos be screwed up It says installing windows (i got 98) then it reboots and it shows me

    "C:\" and I can type "dir" install, run, load, open doesnt seem to work for it. What do i type?
    run setup.exe? I am not sure. Should I just go with linux? or go for winxp? Let me know please, thanks any help is appreciated,

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    more info is needed.

    What hardware did you replace??
    Did you plug everything back in properly?

    If it is a hardware problem changing the OS wont help.

    How did you "reformat" ?

    Did you use fdisk?
    Is the partion active?
    Are you booting fron the CD or the A:?


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    Hello there kingcavemen,

    why dont you go for dual boot ?
    Linux and Xp both ? both have their plusses.

    If you want stability, linux will rock.
    If you like the looks and Bill Gates, XP will do.

    If format doesnt work properly, try doing a low level format.
    Of course, change your drive to the CD-ROM windows directory and start setup.exe if you want XP to install.
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    Well this is pretty much a guess, but if I read your post right, when you reformatted your C: drive you likely stepped on the drivers for your CD. You will have to create a boot disk with the correct drivers for your CD and then run the install off the CD. Check out http://www.bootdisk.com/ it might help.

    Good Luck


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    what hardware? did you touth the ide cabeling at all? the "instaling windows" message where did that come from a floppy? some specifics on the computer! give me something to go on here
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    em..isnt he saying that he has already fixed the hardware ?
    His CD reboots ? There's something in setup.exe , most probably.

    Edit : I have attached a tutorial on how to dual boot XP and Linux, just in case he decides that as his choice.

    Edit 2 : This forum is to post threads relating to questions only to the Antionline website. Antionline General Chit Chat would have been a more appropriate choice.
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    Hey, it sounds like your booting off ur HD instead of cdrom...and without basic system files like autoexe.bat and command.com, its not gonna be able to do anything, in other words..your computer doesn't understand what 'dir' stands for.....so as far as I can remember back in the days, win98 had a bootup floppy that creates a temp-drive on ur disk during installation and gives you a choice to install w/cdrom support or not, so it pushes, or assigns rather... everything else to a different drive 'til the next time you reboot...so c: becomes d: and d: becomes e:...i would go w/a nice clean fdisk, go to your bios, change your booting to A: and and let it do the rest.

    Good luck...

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    i guess the boot preference is set to CDROM and when the pc reboots during setup, instead of the hdd it boots again frm cdrom.....so i seggest u press DEL(may differ) durinng bootup to goto the bios setup and set the boot preference to 'C'......
    hope that helps....
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    I think LadyBug's right:

    Hey, it sounds like your booting off ur HD instead of cdrom...
    I am assuming, you formatted your computer using format c: /s (to give you the system files). With these files, your computer will boot, but only to a bare MS-DOS prompt (all you have is command.com, io.sys and msdos.sys). Either set your BIOS to boot off of the CD-ROM drive (to install Windows 98 directly from the CD) or insert a Windows 98 boot disk, boot off of that, and install Windows 98 that way. Good luck.


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    heres my twopenneth worth

    try going to a mates etc and get a win98 bootup disk from them..

    put it in..

    goto a:
    type setup

    and u should be away......if not i recently reformatted a friends pc and was also having problems getting win me to install ..i had to goto bios and change it to boot from the cdrom(put win 98 cd in me in my case) then it worked fine....

    hope this is of any help


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