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Thread: Spying on your spouse

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    i support spying as long as im not being spyed on -_-


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    The only person who mistrusts his/her mate is the person who can't be trusted. Relationships business and personal are based on trust. Those who don't trust shouldn't be trusted.

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    I'm all for trust - some of my closest relationships are bound by shared secrets that will go to the grave with us, but (and I'm donning flame proof underwear before continuing), ladies and gentlemen please, do you really seriously believe that anyone who was playing around would not do so away from the shared email account, that they would not apply for that second credit card with a seperate bill, that they would take minicabs to dates? Tracking cars is a pretty flimsy solution to a failing marriage IMHO, and you'd have to be a fairly dumb adulterer to make it *that* easy to get caught.
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    Like old man said, this could be useful for locating where your kid is on a Friday night. But to spy on your spouse like that is just...wrong. If you distrust your spouse so much that you have to track his or her car 24/7, then maybe you shouldn't be in a relationship, you should be sent to a therapist. Of course there are useful things you could do with this, like tracking a stalker, cheating spouse, known felon's, and, probably the most useful of all, your kid.

    Used the right way, this could be very useful

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    As far as spying on a spouse-I'd have to agree that a relationship should be based on trust. If I can't trust you, or vice versa, we are NOT friends. I have installed keyloggers on friends machines(with their permission) to make them aware of unsafe habits-like trading stocks online from the library.
    Even monitoring a minor isn't the way to find out if they are trustworthy-a friend asked me to set up spyware on his 15 year old daughters computer "to find out if she could be trusted"----I hope others see the irony---it wasn't an issue of safety---of course work is different.....
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