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Thread: biological systems and cryptography

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    biological systems and cryptography

    DNA computes very slowly; it's bound by viscous drag and brownian noise to
    sample nucleotide pair matching. Dry NEMS operates roughly in 100 GHz
    regime, tops (complex devices would typically run at 10-100 MHz).
    So they are faster than current computers, but the real power comes
    because you count your individual computer components in moles. That's the
    big jump, as seen from our current capabilities.
    here is an interesting recent but brief paper about biological systems and cryptography.
    Interesting. This sort of technology will completely change the current situation about cryptography and computing.
    We can only hope it will also open new ways of researchs.
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    Quite interesting.. I remember seeing something on using DNA in computing, which offers massive paralelism. Due to the nature of the process, I am not sure the 'answers' are easy to retrieve.. Anyway, I found this text: http://dualist.stanford.edu/~ee487/P...Acomputing.PDF
    Something that was inspired in biology, and it is said to be a nice way of dealing with cryptography are the genetic algortithms.

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