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    DSL and more than 1 computer

    I do not know what type of DSL modem/router you have but if you have
    the real cheep modem, get a Linksys router, info available at www.linksys.com
    That is what I use. Cost starts at less than 80 dollars US and I have seen
    some real deals with them even at Radio Shack.
    They will handle PPOE and have the neat function of
    having a NAT type of firewall anda DHCP server.

    I use the same setup here and I have used just about every
    OS there is on my system Mac OS9 and 10, Lindows, RedHat,
    Windows 95,98,ME,XP, Net Beta, and 2000
    and I have 8-10 computers on my DSL all at the same time.

    I hope this helps
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    Originally posted here by t2k2
    Why would he need to allow inbound port 80? Are you setting up a Webserver MicorBurn? I must have missed that part. In this case, I believe you would need to setup port forwarding for port 80 if you are going to run a webserver just as neel suggested.

    Hehe yes he's running a webserver. I know he runs www.unerror.com (the one in his sig) at home. But well you couldn't know I knew, so thanks for correcting me .
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    Well, I got it set up, and frankly, it wasn't as hard as I excepted it to be. It turns out I had to install rp-PPPoe, and I had some peoblems with that, but I debuged it, and it turns out my configuration file was messed up. But, once I got it up and running it flet good. Thanks for all your help everyones. :-) It wasn't hard at all!
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    Cool, I'm glad it worked out for you Micro. Neel, I'm glad you cleared that up for me. I would have thought that it was a site that was somewhere else that he may have administered. One day (soon hopefully), I will get me a site up and running. I just don't know what I will put on it yet. Take care gang!

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    good to know its working now! have fun.

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