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    Dear AO, whenever i get a problem with anything, i turn to the smartest person i know. My Grandfather. however, he doesnt know everything particularly when it comes to computers. so lately i have been looking for some sites that actaully provide answers to the wuestions i ask. and i found a really good site. it is mainly for M$ but there are a few other areas aswell. (sorry, nothing from linux/unix that i saw)

    Click here is you want to ask a question: [gloworange]Here [/gloworange]

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    Its a good site, but i think i'll stick with Google (slightly more expensive answers).


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    I agree w/ Zenith.

    Google is the best tool I have when looking for info. If I am just looking for an insight on technology I am not familiar with, then I frequently go to www.whatis.com.

    But there is NO replacement for google!
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