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    Great free email site!

    I just found a great free email site that allows you to use POP to retrieve and send mail. Beats Hotmail and Yahoo! any day. 10 MB space and all.
    http://softhome.net Your address will be username@softhome.net.
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    I was signing up when i saw this :

    # Old messages expire.
    # Frequency of checking for new messages restricted.

    Well, that sucks, but oh yeah cgkanchi, otherwise it's a good find.
    The POP feature's good !
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    You should be getting more email-program value than that from your ISP account. There are dozens of "free" email accounts available, almost every portal on the Net gives free accounts. Some say that the "freebies" are on the way out, but that's yet to be seen. Some say that all portal-type websites will be paid-subscription for added value, soon on the horizon. I just spent an hour trying to figure out an on-line virus/firewall type service which resides on the Net with an access program on your harddrive... but the actual value was a bit nebulous, all my questions were not answered, and the fee was about the same as any other premium AV/Firewall package that you get the box and CDRom to set on your own shelf after you load it. Try out the Antionline.org email service, it's serviced by BMB which is one of the biggest email providers on the Net. Then you can check your mail when you visit AO.

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