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Thread: What did JP start with ?

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    Question What did JP start with ?

    Hello Ao'ers,

    well i was just a little confused, as much as im interested.
    How did JP code his forums ? they are a similiar to phpBB, but i cant say he started with that and then tweaked to what he has now.
    I'm very intrigued with the coding and the AP system and the overall quality.
    The question is, how did he make it man ? Started with what ?

    I dont think im asking for too much, like er0k, says, just 3000 lines of code
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    I know this is based on vBulletin. As for the other code, I think JP developed it himself.

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    My guess would be that this is a heavily modified vbulletin portal (http://www.vbulletin.com). It very well my not be but from the way everything it set up and layed out, i would have to guess that.

    heh. figured it was vbulletin from the way some of the images looked.
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    I remember seeing something on the forums, that says JP uses Vbulletin. And he porbably does develop some of his stuff, and he probablt gets some of it from Vb Mod sites. (Not taking anything away for you JP, I'm sure you modded the mods to become super mods. ) As far as the main page, I'm not sure. Becasue vBul dosn't use a main page like that, it uses a main page similar to phpBB's. Anyways, Good question.
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    erm...what about AP's ?
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    The AP's were probably JP's code.

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    i think the whole thing has been at least tweaked or totally written by JP and his crew. When you consider the complicated coding between all the different rooms, the alerts, the visitor tracking, your access levels, the clean pages.... man, i can't find another website on the whole net as complicated, and running as smooth, as JP's Antionline! "And that's a fack, Jack!"

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    Yea thats something i think people dont give JP enough credit for, he runs a complicated and greatly designed website and managed to find a way to have a sort of "democracy" in it, people that are loved and have good info get green votes, andd then of course a few people are voted off the island lol. but yea good job on pointing this stuff out.

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    APs were jps code, i remember him saying they were 750+ lines by themself. and thats not including the graphics made for the gradient bars and green dots/red dots.

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    Alot of work has gone into this site since it started with www.anticode.com, WAY back in the day....it's REALLY evolved and grown beyond what you would expect such a small crew to handel, and for that JP should get credit, it can't be easy to run this site.... I couldn't do it.
    As for the coding, I think he started off with something simple, and then it evolved beyond recognition.....it's pretty neat...though the LA Lakers theme still burns my eyes...lol....
    well, nothing's perfect :P

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