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Thread: What did JP start with ?

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    Originally posted here by underlost
    My guess would be that this is a heavily modified vbulletin portal (http://www.vbulletin.com). It very well my not be but from the way everything it set up and layed out, i would have to guess that.

    heh. figured it was vbulletin from the way some of the images looked.
    My guess would be vBulletin and vbPortal everything heavily modified to suite JPs and AOs needs .

    dev vbPortal
    Example of a site running vbPortal: India Travel Forum

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    Alright, what if i want to make a website, not on security, but on something else, but with the same features, maybe a different design, a lot of coding that'd need man.
    Are VB tweaks that easy to find on the internet or what ?
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    If you're interested in starting your own site, how about you start with a simple vBulletin site. As you become more experienced in coding and need new features, slowly work on upgrading your site. You have to realize, even if you get someone else's codes to add certain features, they may not work simply by adding them to your own site. Troubleshooting such tweaks and upgrades is a lot of work. I would honestly do it, piece by piece, after you spend a lot of time learning about vBulletin and how to add new features by manually coding things into it.


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    vBulletin is not free since they discontinued the lite version. A better solution would be to start with LAMP (Linux , Apache , Mysql , PHP ) and one of the CMS systems below, they all are prepared to run with forums like phpBB or already have a built in forum, they are all quite easy to setup and there are lots of tweaks and help available for them.
    Postnuke, PHPNuke, E-xoops, Xoops

    (you can also use the above setup -'Linux' on a windows machine if you prefer that, 'wamp').


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    This site is obviously a modified version of UltimateBB, and I seem to remember JP mentioning this in irc a long time ago.
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    AntiOnline definatly runs on vBulletin. If you take a close look at the content of this page: http://www.antionline.com/misc.php?s=&action=bbcode then you'll see that it still contains some refrences to vBulletin.

    As for the modding. It's not really that difficult. I did similar editing or "portalizing" of forums, and if you know PHP and MySQL, then you won't have a single problem adjusting vBulletin or phpBB to your own needs. Almost all data of this site (or any other portal/forum) is saved in a database. That data is very easily recalled and saved.

    (Please note, that freakin AP system is the ****, and i am not saying that the custom coding on this site is just a click or 2)

    As for creating a site like this, (or something like this) i would recommend starting with phpBB and not some pre-made CMS. PhpBB is very secure, and also looks very good. The coding used in phpBB is uniform, in order, and very neatly done. Its a good base to start off with. I created some very nice mods for phpBB, and did a lot of editing of it on my own site. (SickDwarf.com) I also tried phpNuke, postNuke, vBulletin, and some others. But I still think that phpBB is the best one to edit. Those pre-made CMS systems are too pre-made. They dont offer you any room to move.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed creating www.sickdwarf.com out of phpBB, and i think that I have some experience in doing this kinda stuff. I would be happy to help anyone out on this subject.

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    Thanks Sick-Dwarf, preacher,micael,adven and guys.
    I know where to come for help.

    And i like everything about SickDwarf.com, just that it loads very,very slowly.
    You might want to compare it with the speeds of AO or bytekill.net for example, even though AO has such huge coding.
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    emm..third part of my question : how must he have secured his site from hackers ?
    im sure there are many attempts.
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    i cant remember which part of the mail bag its in but he says "im not worried about my site, nothing a hundred thousand dollars in hardware and 60 thousand in software cant handle" its somethin along those lines, i read it about 2 days ago. check out the mailbag section.
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    Originally posted here by er0k
    thats not including the graphics made for the gradient bars and green dots/red dots.

    I think Terr played a big part in the graphics associated with the AP's. Not 100% sure though....

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