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Thread: how does WINE works?

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    Question how does WINE works?

    Others than WINE (www.winehq.org), does anyone knows other simple apps for linux that function like WINE (that r opensource)?.. I was trying to learn more about WINE.. but the codes r quite BIG for me to learn them all step by step... any suggestion?...

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    There are tons of other programs out there that are similar to Wine. Just search on Google for "Windows emulators +Linux". Regarding the code, any similar program will have extremely complex code. It is a lot of work to get such programs to work. If you want to understand the source code, you must first become very familiar with the programming language's used. Additionally, you must become familiar with Linux and UNIX's built in libraries as well as any external libraries included with the source code. Then, once you have those down, you can start working on the source code. Just my 2 cents.


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