Now what next? International community is all over him, I don't think what happened the 90's can happen again easily.

Inspectors are spying, says Saddam

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has accused U.N. weapons inspectors of engaging in "intelligence work," rather than looking for weapons of mass destruction.

In a taped address to mark Army Day, he said: "Instead of looking for the so-called weapons of mass destruction ... the inspection teams are interested in collecting names and making lists of Iraqi scientists ... giving special attention to military camps ... and to other matters, all or most of which constitutes purely intelligence work."

Teams of inspectors are combing the Iraqi countryside for signs the country is developing an illicit weapons program.

Saddam said Iraq's people and army would emerge victorious from any conflict with the United States.

"You should know that you are victorious now, and that you will also be during the final confrontation, despite the fuss and hysteria kicked up by the enemy," he said.

"We are in our country and the one who is in his country is right and its enemy is wrong. When the enemy comes as an aggressor, the victory will go to the people of right when they are inside their homeland.

"The enemy will be defeated disgracefully," he said. "It has misjudged and misbehaved after abandoning any means of honesty on which good people meet and cooperate."

He said: "Oh Allah pray guide them along the road of righteousness if you so decide, otherwise smite them with your wrath, smash them with your destruction blow, for they are a group of criminals.

"If anyone intends to intimidate you, the people of Iraq, repel him and tell him he is a small midget, while we belong to a nation of glorious faith, a great nation and an ancient people.

"We shall not be intimidated by their falsehood. Allah shall drown them in shame."

He also said he knew his military would stand by its oath to protect the nation.