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Thread: Linus Torvald working for Red Hat Linux?

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    Linus Torvald working for Red Hat Linux?

    13. Linus took a job with a non-Linux company?
    Yes, he did. There is a rumor that he considered going to work for Red Hat, but did not want to show favoritism towards any one Linux vendor. Linus has declined to either confirm or deny this rumor. He uses Red Hat at work and SuSE at home.
    What do you think..guys.. maybe Linus should making his own Linux company

    Check out this link http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/faqs/linus/
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    A better idea would be for him to work for Debian GNU Linux, which is from the gnu foundation. Since it is non commercial, I think this would be better than him working for a commercial linux company like red hat.
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    I agree with ThePreacher, since Linus Torvald created Linux as an open source project which is meant to be free, he should continue to promote the open source project by working for a non-commercial distro.

    On the other hand RedHat would a be more popular distro, hence them going commercial, so i suppose thats were the money is, and you've gotta look after #1, cos no-one else will!



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