Like i said if your a "JP fan" your going to probably get me banned for writing this but anyway, today i was in thechat room, and JP was also there. I PMed him and asked him if he would talk with me if he was free. he kicks me out from the chat room and says quote "Please do not PM me with your stupid and ignorant questions, kindly go XXXX yourself with a steel brush!" i was logged in as a guest and when i went to the chat room i changed my name to knoledgesponge. the whole point between trying to get him to speak with me is because like many of you know im interested in this negation vs. JP thing and i wanted to ask him for his side, mainly because ive only heard what other AO members have said about the situation and ive heard what negation has had to say and i wanted to know what JP had to say since all of the allegations that negation made were against him. I was just trying to hear more than one side of an arguement, and what does kind loving, mentoring JP, mediator between the "computer underground" and uncle sam say? "go XXXX yourself with a steel brush!" I sure hope AO gets sold to a nicer admin than JP. I must say, i have nothing against AO just JP.