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Thread: Probably get banned for this one.......

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    Well all I can say is there is a very old way in IRC, and considering JP has been around since the days when there were manners out here. In short you never PM anyone without first asking permission at least that is how it used to be on IRC. I'd say JP took your not asking permission to PM him as rude. Just because he is in IRC means he answers PM's from people he has no idea of who they are or what thay are about. I'd say at least find out some of the basic rules for PM's
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    Honestly, and this is a hard fact to learn in life. Nobody owes you anything, they don't owe you kindness, they don't owe you a conversation, nor an explanation. Just because this is JP's site does not obligate him to have to want to talk to just anyone. He can do what he wants to do.

    If I PM someone on IRC and get banned for it, my next best option when I can login again is to not PM that person again. It's simple logic, if it hurts when you touch it, stop touching it...then it won't hurt.

    Just get over it.

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    Sorry folks...I just gotta get this out...

    from the AP center...
    Let's see....shut the **** up man. Do you think ur respected or some all-knowing god? your about as respected as the dumbass who posted and/or knowledgesponge. damn, stop acting like ur smarter than you are. honestly
    No ....I think I'm the same as anyone else here. If you don't like what I have to say, then put me on your ignore list and quit reading my posts. If you don't like my opinion, be man enough to say it to my face in a thread instead of being a coward and doing it through the AP system like you've been doing for the past few months. Don't worry though, I'm not holding my breath....I've already figured out that you don't have the courage or depth of character to do something as honorable as that. Grow up and get a life, LAMER.
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