People, i know this is not anything to do with security and probably none of you care, just wondering if anyone feels like being really nice and maybe getting some ap's from my other account, if i get negged to death, then fux everyone that negs me...

i have a paper that is due thursday, and i want an easy way out :P just wondering if anyone feels like writing an extra chapter for T.H. White's 'The Once And Future King' in his literary style, and if you choose to do this, it is supposed to take place sometime between chapters 7 and 8 of the first book(you'll know if youve read it) and in this chapter he is turned into an animal(dont worry about what animal, just give some areas to enter details and a lesson) which i already have in mind, and i already know what animal i am doing, i just wonder if anybody feels like doing a large chunk of the writing...2-7 pages by tuesday night(so i can add in all the details and such)

lol and everybody that thinks im being lame, damn straight i am...i really dont want to do this but since it could drop my grade from an a- to a b- i think i will

PLZ NEG ME!!! jk jk but do whatever ya want i dont care