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Thread: Windows Users Should Be Glad There's A Linux

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    Windows Users Should Be Glad There's A Linux

    I know this story is a bit of a rant.. But I thought it might bring some nice discussion..

    Full article here

    So far, most Microsoft attempts to keep users from moving from Windows to Linux have been laughable. No matter how many "analysts' reports" Microsoft sponsors that claim Linux and other open-source programs are more expensive and less secure than their proprietary products, smart business, government, and home-computer users are seeing the truth: In most server and many desktop situations, Linux and associated open source software packages are less costly to install and maintain than Windows, typically run more reliably and, as an added bonus, will run on less expensive hardware.

    Perhaps 2003 will be the year Microsoft decides to actually compete with open source instead of just talking trash about it. We already see Microsoft offering enterprise customers better deals on some of its applications packages (notably Microsoft Office) than it did in the past because of competition from OpenOffice and its proprietary but amazingly inexpensive cousin, StarOffice.

    At some point Microsoft may decide to give small businesses and individuals a similar break. If not, I'm sure a growing percentage of Windows users will try OpenOffice—the Windows version, like the Linux version, is a free download—and some of them will like it enough to use it as an alternative to Microsoft's product, especially people (and companies) who are suffering from the current recession and are watching their budgets more carefully than they once did.
    I feel there is a good point being made in this article..

    The competition from the OpenSource movement will be a great bennefit for Microsoft customers.. And will couse better software being made and sold for lower prices..
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    i think M$ just hate the idea of OpenSource being in the market for a while, and i'm sure they'll start doing something about it,
    but what i'm most sure of,( MS still don't have any solution to go with against Linux )
    my company is a Microsoft distributers, and through our relation with MS, we know that they already have a Linux Phobia , lol
    i know many guys lost their jobs at microsoft becouse they lost deals agianst Linux sales and solutions.
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