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Thread: Basic Unix/Linux Commands

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    Arrow Basic Unix/Linux Commands

    Aight, im new to Unix/Linux, but ive learnt quite and made a nice tut for the newbies .
    Just some basic commands.
    File attached.

    Don't wanna start another post on this, so here :

    How to print out files in the (.pdf) format

    PDF format is a file that is independent on the computer. A PDF file can be printed and viewed, but one cannot get the source. [according to me]

    % cd - to get to your home directory if you are not already there.
    % ls *.ps - to see if the file was really saved. In that case you'll find it among the output names.
    % lpr name_of_file.ps - to send the file to the printer. Instead of the "name_of_file" you should type the actual name of the file you wish to print out.
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    Thanks invader, that was a nice collection.
    Atleast i have something to begin with, (on linux).

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    thanks, invader

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    You might wanna add rm -r <dir> to remove a directory that is not empty.
    Also make a note that Un*x doesn't ask if you are sure
    Be 100% sure when doing rm -r <dir>. I once did a rm -r * in the wrong directory and had to reinstall my system.

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