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    Unhappy What to do with this client ?

    I guess im posting a lot these dayz, but i think it's okay as long as im talking sense
    So here goes :

    Well, i have this client at work who wants to setup video conferencing on this website. I agreed with it thought i'd integrate a plugin and do it.

    Now he plans to give live lectures to his customers at fixed timings, and he expects that the live video/audio that they're viewing also be saved for later viewing ( on user's choice ).

    I was wondering, when this live video would be going on, would it make a temporary file in the Temporary internet files folder ? Even if it would, what is the way for users to record it as it being telecasted live ?

    Edit : In short, what coding ?

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    Hmm...I'm afraid I'm not much of a video expert. I would think that the easiest solution would be to record the stream as it's going out for your customers, and make them available on the site at a later time. I know that you can capture streaming audio with an audio editing tool like GoldWave, so I would assume that there has to be some video editing software that could do the same thing (Adobe Premiere?). Basically, you're just altering the input from a standard source (like a TV-in card) to capture locally.

    Alternately, you could outsource the entire online meeting to a 3rd party like WebEx. They host business meetings, and have the ability to record all interactions for later training or reference.

    I'm afraid that's all the solutions I can provide. Hope they're helpful.
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    Well rosewell, i gotta try, thanks so much anyway.
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