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Thread: good firewall

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    good firewall

    i have a win2k box with iis and i need a good firewall. can you guys suggest one?
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    Well, if it's a corporate box you should probably look into ISA to help you out. Otherwise, look at one of the following:

    Agnitum's Outpost
    Tiny Firewall

    These are free firewalls of varying abilities and effects.

    Don't forget to have AV software installed.
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    An openbsd box with packet filtering and authpf installed

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    Black Ice....

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    For software firewalls i recommendSygate or Kerio.


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    I will assume this is for home or personal use. If so I have been using Zone Alarm for about a year and it has been working well for me. I have my 2K box set up as a gateway and use the pro version. I am using the connection sharing function of 2K and use the Pro version of Zone Alarm to protect all my boxes behind the gateway.
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    My personal favorite is kerio's firewall which is free for personal use. most of the free firewalls have previously been mentioned. I have tryed many firewalls, they all have their pro's and con's. Once you have found one to try you can test it out online at www.pcflank.com

    At pcflank you can run a number of security scans without downloading any program files or exacutables. But you must remember that configuration of your firewall is important. Most firewalls come with help files and online documentation. These are worth reading, even if you dont fully understand it. It will provide you with a better understanding so that you can create efective rules that will meet your security needs and wants.
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    I found this site, it basically is a comparison of all kinds of firewalls in a table like manner. Alot of information but, visually (if printed out), seems quite easy to read. I think this is excellent for anyone looking to compare firewalls (imo).

    Check it out

    Hope this helps

    I do also understand, it will be 'slightly'(and I use that word liberally) biased towards Agnitum's Outpost (good old marketing). Hey, it's a start though.
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    Well out of all the firewalls Iíve used hears how I would rank them.

    1. Kerio/Tiny (small and powerful)
    2. Sygate (a close second)
    3. Zone alarm pro (good ease of use)
    4. Black Ice (Itís had problems in the past and thereís better free firewalls)

    Also heard good things about the Kerio 3 beta.
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    I'm using an external, hardware-based firewall/router D-Link DI-604. It's great if you have a home network, because it acts as a router and a firewall at the same time. None of your computers will actually be visible to the net, only that little box.

    Of software firewalls I've used ZoneAlarm which is good in that it's easy to use and free for personal use.

    You might also want to check some of our previous firewall threads..:
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