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Thread: Windows XP Home and Professional Service Configurations

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    Windows XP Home and Professional Service Configurations

    While there is a fairly large amount of info about securing windows XP on AO... I didn't find to much on the services. I had to instead go thorough one by one and research them. That was OK, becasue I leared a lot.

    I found that most of them were carried over from NT4 and 2k, but there were some new ones.

    One of the best sites I've seen for service configuration/explanations is

    Windows XP Home and Professional Service Configurations
    This is also available in a pdf format and is a lot easier to read. Print it landscape though.

    This site goes through virtuall every service that Windows Home and Pro has and explains what they are used for and if you will need them.

    It is much better than searching for each service individually.
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    nice site. but that text on the background cant do any thing good for your eyes.

    i suggest everyone get the pdf format. much better.
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