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    (Sorry, if i will become against some of you ,but...) Where does this certificate is needed? It is only a stupid idea.Have you heard of the gamers' certificate. The only thing that remains is to give you certificate of pissing.

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    Originally posted here by neozoon
    Sorry for deceiving you all men but harckers do no harm
    they r always mixed up with crackers who try to invade other systems or to damage others systems you better not mix them up because real hackers know really how defend themselves and take saying things like yousaid as an insult althought theyr peaceful most time.....

    I am really sick of people using the term "cracker". There should be no such thing as a cracker. If what you are doing is exclusively for feeding a hunger for knowledge then you are a hacker. If at any time this hunger for knowledge forces illegal activity, such as stealing engineering documents, company information, etc. then you are a CRIMINAL. After all it was only done for expanding your own knowledge, right?

    So by the definition, isn't it possible to be a criminal hacker?

    DISCLAIMER: This is just my personal opinion, so please don't go pointing me to some dictionary reference on the words hacker and cracker. I have already seen them and think it is all a bunch of BS.

    perhaps this is my favorite definition:

    "One who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming or circumventing limitations."

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    good catch sittingduck

    I don't quite get the idea of this certification. Who supports it? What will it get you? Is there a professional group out there for this cert?

    Oh, and someone mentioned the CISSP. That is a completely different beast there. CISSP is a VERY difficult test. The company that I used to work at had the highest concentration of CISSP's in the world working for them. Most of those guys had been in IT security since it's infancy. I have looked at taking the tests myself but I don't know if I'm up to them just yet. People talk about the CCIE as being the holy grail of the "network admin". Well the CISSP is the security industries holy grail. Also, SANS/GIAC has a pretty cool certification for security professionals too.

    El Diablo

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    Hacker=A guy who has enough knowlegde to enter a system and a network. S/He doesn't want to harm anyone.
    Cracker=A guy who has more knowlegde (or the same or less knowlegde and lower IQ) to enter a system and a network and almost everything. S/He wants to harm...
    Phreaker=Phone+Freak (Freak because the first Phreakers were not normal people {blide...},it's very racistic) use some tones to make phone lines to do something illegal.

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