i am a student and my institution of learning has implemented websense
it is to block porn and such.. well i am an advid gamer and play a online textbased game and one morning i found i was blocked by websense so i tried a few things to get around it and was successfull in tryin to type the url without www. i would type the word that comes after the www. and then the .com and it worked. if you must know its antrophia
instead of www.antrophia.com i would type antrophia.com and was successfull well due to more porn and people being arses i found my game site to be blocked here is a link or links i get so you can see http://www.searchresult.net/landing...%2Ecom&flag=181
or this

or this

this is becommin a pain in the bum and i would like to rack the brains of AO members and see if they can provide me the means to be a happy gamer i live here and there really int nuttin better to do but game after school i appreciate any views on this subject and would greatly appreciate a solution to solve my delima till im up and playin again im not a happy camper thanks
again im not askin to break anything just to circcumvent websense :-D