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    If every student logs on as administrator with same username and password. You donít need any third tools to reboot a computer on the network. YOU CAN SIMPLY REBOOT A W2K MACHINE ON THE NETWORK BY DOING THE FOLLOWING.

    Right click on my computer->Manage->Right click computer management(local) and click connect to another computer->select the computer you want to reboot->right click properties->Advanced->Startup and Recovery->Shutdown->youíll get options to log off the user or shutdown the system and much more
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    ok micael i've found it, under system32 as u told me.
    but still don't know how to use it, or , i've tried to use it and it didn't work.

    i'll read more about that in the MS XP support center.

    thanks anyway, bimmer
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    There are many unknown variables with this situation, so I will take a best guess at this too.

    I used to be responsible for a school lab and more times than not, command line attacks were uncommon. MANY of the attacks were done with NETBUS and other trojan programs.

    Looking at this situation, your computer lab personnel now have to sanitize all the machines then lock them down (within reason) in order to cut down on this type of activity.

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