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Thread: The http protocol

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    The http protocol

    Hey people i was doing some research and came across 2 .txt files from 1997 on the http protocol
    and i never knew there was that much in depth info on the http protocol here is a link to the ftp site where i found them there are a lot of good material on it some of which is really old from 1987 but it could take some of you old techies a walk down memory lane j/k some of the info there i see still applies to the internet today so its a good source of info IMO well here is the link to the ftp site


    and here are a link to the two paper's i started this thread about

    that link applies to HTTP/1.0

    and this one is for HTTP/1.1


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    What you are looking at are the RFC (Request for comments) on the HTTP. They contain all the information that you need to develop a system that uses the HTTP protocol. This is the document that any one wishing to HTTP follows

    You will find a RFC for virtly all protocals and standards (that are in the public domain) FTP, SSL, TCP, UDP, IP etc.

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    Wow, what a wealth of knowledge... Sort of makes you want to program ;-)

    Def going into my fav places... Thanx
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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