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Thread: MS Media Player 9 for Linux ??

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    MS Media Player 9 for Linux ??

    I found a interesting story MS to license Media Player 9 for Linux, others? on the register,

    They link to this report on reuters.
    The new licensing plan for Microsoft's Windows Media 9 Series, which sends and receives audio and visual content across the Internet, will allow developers to create software that will run on various devices and on non-Windows-based computers, opening up a wider market for Microsoft's streaming standard.
    Would you use it if it would ever get that far ??
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    I got 2 words for you: NO.

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    Whats the deal with that? Really kinda pointless to advertise another "OS's" media player on a linux box. I mean really how stupid is Bill Gates.

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    "how stupid is Bill Gates"

    not very. micros~1 want everyone to use their products. and they wouldn't even consider it unless it would make them money, or give them a monopoly, or a better monopoly. does bill even have anything to do with running the company anymore? he definately doesn't do it single handedly. alot of people would have been involved in this decision, and you can be sure they are thinking in terms of years down the road. they are paid enough.
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