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    Question Army's Toy

    Army Smart Truck II

    A reason why I am posting that link is mainly because of this portion of the article:

    In the cab of the truck are housed a 3-D mapping system and a communications system that Fuller described as "hacker in a box." It includes a computer program linked with surveillance equipment to monitor what people in the area around the vehicle are saying in e-mail. SmarTruckII could just sit and listen, send bogus e-mails to confuse an enemy, or, if it is not amused, kill the enemy communications system altogether.
    This "hacker in a box" is probably already in use.
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    Hey, all you need is a college kid walking up and down the street with a laptop,
    given the weakness of some of these wireless networks lately.
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    What a load of "propaganda bullshit"..

    A hacker in a box.. don't make me laugh..

    /me gets visions of kevin mitnick's head in a bottle (like futurama)

    You could use stuff like nessus and with some money and research make something even better, I'd guess..
    But some of those claims make me LMFAO..
    send bogus e-mails to confuse an enemy
    sounds like a cool campain..
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