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    user status

    Hello AOer's,

    I recently notice when viewing the posts that AO'ers make that it shows the status of user

    either as online or offline but recently whenever I'm online it shows my status as offline.

    Was just wondering is that what it just shows me or is my status offline. can't be cause I'm

    browsing site.

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    This is because in your site options, you probably have your self hidden while online.

    people can still tell if you are online by going to your user profile, where it will show you as online... even if you have the option set to make you hidden.

    To change that, simply show yourself online in your site options.
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    just a guess you do need to log on the site many time when you are on site.

    If it is the case you can fix that by modifying the site option for cookies (if you tolerate cookies)
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    This may help THREAD

    Originally posted here by problemchild
    I have my site options set to invisible, and I've noticed that my profile always says when I'm on, but the sidebar in my posts says offline like it's supposed to. Maybe these people have the invisible option set? Nevertheless, it's pretty pointless to try and be invisible if your profile is going to give you away!

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    thanxs phishphreek , i now remember making myself invisible when signing up

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