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Thread: Direction of study....

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    Direction of study....

    So starting next year I will be going to University of Florida and have no clue the direction my studies should take. I eventually want to get into Networking with a large focus on Sercurity. I am trying to figure out the best balance of degree/certifications that would put me on the correct path. I would love to focus on open source OS's but feel that it would severely limit the market I could apply to. Am I wrong in this assumption? Any help that you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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    hjack, I presently work in network security. My advice to you would be to learn programming
    as with that you can do almost anything. It is the one skill I miss having and hope to learn
    very son. Secondly learning "all" OS's is very important, from M$ to linux/unix. Most large networks are a mishmash of both windows/*nix. If you got the cash take some foundstone,
    sans, and other type courses. That is my .02 cents worth.

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    I would go for a degree in Computer Science. Unless you know the exact field your going into. Computer Science is more wide-spread. I have my associates in Computer Science, I'm morking on my Masters in Electronic Forensics.

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    I would suggest doing the computer engineering program there. My friend just graduated and as a senior project DELL flew him and his team to silicon valley to work on a problem they are having. Fully paid. Not bad eh. Heh, Gainesville, oh the times I had there. I used to work at Maui teriyaki there on 13th street. heh.. What a small world.

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