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Thread: a new bot/worm targets hackers?

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    a new bot/worm targets hackers?

    i been on some hacker group sites like net gangs and stuff that i herd in there news theres a new bot worm that ****s the hackers
    computer byydetecting tools such as what a rookie/professional hacker would use and then the bot knows its in a hackers computer and stays in there for 3 days until the hacker finds it and trys to delete it the hacker is exposed then its jump from computer to computer world wide.

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    If such "worm" exists. I would be interested on being educated of such.


    Why don't you dig up some of your own research an fill us in on it. I'm sure many in the community would be interested in hearing about such a tool.

    If you have any links of discussion of such. I would like to look into it myself also.

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    Im sure it hax0r's gibsons to and causes "colonel" panics
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    So let me get this straight.... Its a IRC trojan with payloaded worms.... yet all it does is delete "server.exe" and "sub7.exe"? LOL If you got this info off some kiddie board well then consider it a hoax. I hardly think something as weird/lame as this is really real but might I suggest showing the source of your info or atleast check a AV site before posting things like this next time.

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