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    "hacker" why not ?

    If you stay with your path of getting knowledge of the minds behind exploring "flaws" then you understand why its an need .

    There is an diffrence of hacking-cracking-phreaking.An system atleast thats how the laws are set around us.We who like to know how an system is an vulnerbal of diffrent things makeing an antiprogram for a time beeing untill some other great mind finds flaw to get arround it. Thats what some hacking is allbout.

    The "cracking" is an other breed of their own.Takeing hacking an step up of knowledge how an single operating system works and exploiting its vulnerabilyts to an MAX level.Many crackers that has this ability is not hateful to the society inpact about rules and laws some likes the challenge to "crack" some old mathematical formulas that our defined educational system gives for free.Some very basic underlaying facts is very common with "Cracker" minded person, one is saying hey i just broke your software code where i can live an higer standard of self beeing by letting some ohter people get your code for free.Or an cracker could take your hard-disk volume on the net that he/she just cracked by takeing what ever was there to help him/her to be an better "cracker".So there fore laws set by our society to protect you are limited mind are set.Many ISP admins hates them that are a step a head of them selfs.Besides the hole society picture what internet was then in the golden days was taken away.Few minds that they thought they were so bright were silly and thought they were on the top of the mind chain.I dont comend their liberal belives if they had one in the golden age of the liberal www.So many have so many things to say about our modern society that hates putting out laws.Its like if you say to an christian person that your god is an total curifix and you should let go of what you know for i just broke in the >lib.Saying that anything that you belived in with was so wrong."cracker" wants to prove you and the society wrong.Wich is not a really bad thing if you dont judge them for i dont.They will help your society to grow if your mind can keep them on the edge.
    If you get to an poinst where you can Understand many computer languages,maybe makeing some help programs that helps you or anyone else out then you know the mind set of an Cracker and an Hacker.!

    The "Phreakers" mind.They exploits in a diffrent mind set.They want to make any system vulnerable by any mean for they dont hate the system .They just want to make sure that their exploits gets an hands on signature for their knowledge.Phreaking in on a system by physical means is unlegall in so many countries that these minded people are very rear or are they.Some that not long ago with the just phone lines open to anything the our own goverments been listening to anytype of conversations in so many countires that only few peoples that are still a live knows about them.So are these ubnoxial mineded people a real security threath to an modern society.Well i leave anybody thinking about where we live with the modern"phreakers" attitude.For there will be them that is out on for the challenge to phreake anything at anytime to make the system.Are we that far from that when we daily surf in the net searching knowledge in anything.? I dont judge anything i leave that to flaws of laws to be judged when that time come in any country.Go Globalism of anything that just feeds out what we dont know.So if you want to exploit an phone line then the freedom of choise is up to "graps".

    Just an freedom of an mind....

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    zip2dip, what are you smoking?!


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    Ok **** readin those useless texts an books. Just get straight into the Action an go to
    This is a good place to learn, **** it teaches you stuff that you carn't learn from those useless BOOKS.
    Why read when u can get hands on experience.......
    And what r all u guys talking about........Man if u lot had a chicky near u's would cream ur pants before you even started hacking, and doing it in 30 seconds.......Yep SURE.,
    And to the person who said that 98% of hackers are SCRIPT KIDDIES..........Well u got that right, you are all SCRIPT-KIDDIES WHILE ME AND MY ELITE HAQOR KRUE ARE THE 2% PERCENT OF ACTUALL HACKER,...................
    SO **** YOU **** YOU ALL AND HAVE A NICE DAY.............
    (If you dont like it then go and **** your sister you computer GEEKS)..............

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    Somebody needs a nap!

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    <n.3.c>[i] Wow you are really clever and using strong language accenuates that fact. Are you eminems close relative.

    Its people like you that have made me post less and less on this what used to be the best site to come and learn and exchange infomation with other knowledgable people.

    So <n.3.c>[i] why dont you go find a hole to crawl into and stay there.

    As to everyone else take care.

    See you around NGsec is a good site at the moment with some great kind of war game.
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    well PCgal i wud say as other have also said....Hacking exposed books "hacking exposed" "hack exposed linux" hackinh exposed windows
    and dont forget Maximum security...definately gud.
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    Yeah, but aren't the "glory" days of hacking basically over? Aside of defacing a few websites here and there, do they ever even accomplish anything besides breaking into the average person's computer?

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