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Thread: Dice Rolling App

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    Talking Dice Rolling App

    Hey All,

    Anyone else here ever play Dungeons & Dragons or WarHammer Fantasy/40k? (or any strategy board game)

    Doesn't it get long having to roll those different dices so many times?
    (Or don't feel like buying dices for 1D4, 1D5, 1D8......)

    Well, I was inspired to create a (Dos) Dice Rolling Application, in Turing
    (btw, you can get the compiler in this tread: Turing Tutorial)

    While I know there *must* be other dice apps, figured I'd post mine for the fun of it.
    (The source code is inside the .zip file, roller.t)

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    great idea. thanx
    Just because you don\'t see it doesn\'t mean it\'s not there

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    ****ing brilliant! You've just made Runesword a million times more fun to play!
    I tried checking to see who downloaded the file, but for some reason I get Ao's version of a 404 page.

    Anywho, whomever you are, your welcome.

    *Add: Welcome Dahvid

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