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Thread: To properly defend you must attack

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    To properly defend you must attack

    I am an IDS analyst and in my research studies I have come away with one inescapable conclusion. You must know how to pull off all the attempted hacks you see to be able to
    properly recognize them, and obviously stop them.
    Just looking at tcpdump/ethereal/... logs isn't enough you "must" know what to look for and
    be able to recognize things. I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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    I agree with you, don. Knowing how an attack works and how to succesfully pull it off is the greatest advantage you can have while protecting your system from it, in my opinion. If you think that a well-known hole in windows, for example, is being exploited on your system, you must know how it works and what to seal, or in this case where to get the patch

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