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Thread: A question pertaining to all of you.

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    br_fusion i have the exact same prob you do, i read so much and i get sidetracked with somethin that ill remember it just not as well as i want to ,sometimes i think i read to much my brain starts to hurt, i got my A+ about 2 years ago and then fell out of the computer scene, partyin to much, but now im back into it and have a real facination with it, i want to learn every thing but sometimes feel overwhelmed at how much there is to know, so in short your not alone man, if ya like feel free to pm me and maybe we can trade knowledge and learn together......that sounds kinda weird doesnt it?lol, i assure you though that im not but it is nice to know that someone else here is in the exact same boat i am.take it easy.
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    I am 18 years old, and have been into computer for about 6 years now, not security but generally, designing and programming. Security recently has intrigued me also, since the last few years.
    Just some advice : Instead of getting depressed, you should be inspired, and take this as a challenge for yourself to know as much as everybody does here, im sure you can do it.

    Good luck with TCP/IP, certainly not something short to start with.
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    I am 27 years old. I work with computers in general since i can remember. I started out with the Sinclair Spectrum on Basic V.1.0, switching to the commodore the moment it came out. Ive always had computers around me. Im into computer security since 3 years now. I am also by no meens a god or anything like that. There are things security related that i am good at and other things that i have no clue about. I doubt that i will ever know everything about computer security since the topic is to big, so i just pick out the subjects i really need or am interested in. I prefer network security, firewalls, security policies and diff kinds of hardening topics. Here at AO so far i have learned alot of things since there are many people here, and everyone is specialized on different subjects. I would alos like to add that computer security is by far the most interesting subject on computers that i have ever come across. It never gets boring since its being updated daily. There will always be new things to discover and learn, and that will never end.
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    i,m 21 years old and i'm dealing with computers since i was 13.
    i'm dealiing with security since i was 17.
    i read a lot.and i know one think:I KNOW NOTHING!

    ps:that's far from being an expert or a god,isn't it?

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    im 19 soon to be 20 and i have benn in comp security as a freshman in high school about 7 years now. true i know a lot but as most people i am still learning and growing. i honestly do not believe that any one person will ever know everything there is about our field. i think that being able to rely on a group mind of sorts will help you learn.
    i would ask hogfly if u have any redhat questions.
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    thanks for all of the helpful advice fellas, I do appreciate it.

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    Originally posted here by Conf1rm3d_K1ll
    I remember the days when you could use the HOTMAIL servers to send bulk mail....

    I remember the days when One.Net (Aussies Only...) were just starting out...

    I remember the days when usenet was still "owned by the masses" and ISP's wouldn't censor the groups...(Some ISP's have banned alt.2600.hackerz...that's just pathetic......)

    I remember when Napster was just starting out.....

    I remember a time when having Win 95 meant u were a sell out....

    I remember when BSB was an art form....

    I remember a time when anything above 56k was a dream......

    **** I'm old.....
    I'm with you. . . Although, I remember when AOL didn't exist, and it took all night to upgrade "Prodigy" through the 14.4 modem we had, laptops would NEVER go pentium, and internet security meant you locked your modems to the desks!

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    well, let's see...I'm 28. I started on computers right about, I guess the Commodore 64. I've been on the internet...since Commdore 64 had a internet service called Q-Link (and if anyone remembers that, I think I'll **** myself). In any event, all those years taught me alot.
    I somehow graduated college and got a degee in Comp Sci, got some technical degrees etc. Job wise, I've been a mainframe programmer, CADD drafter for an engineering firm, and some small amounts of Lan Admin (yeah, I can't seem to sit still with one career track).

    All this sounds nice right? it don't mean crapola when it comes to security. I'll make it simple. I didn't even know what the hell a port was until I registered here. In the span of, I guess a little over a month...the people here have increased my knowledge and understanding of computer security three-fold. It's simply amazing what I've learned from related links people have posted. I guess in a way this is a big thanks to members at AO.
    anyways, good luck.
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    i am 20, i have used computers for 12 years, and the internet for 10, the past 7 i have spent studying internet security, local network security, o/s security, and many other subjects related. tcp/ip is definately great to learn, but i would also recommend u learn some basic programming, to better your knowledge/references. i guess i could go off about how i remember using my 9,600kbps modem on compuserve, or how when i had slackware 4.* noone even know wut unix was, let alone linux, but who cares.. just cuz some of us started earlier than others, i believe we all have the same general goals, and ideas, and that we just need to find out how to learn what we need to know to get where we are going.... which is why i spend every waking moment stressing the importance of freedom of infomation... luckily we still have such things as local message boards, free shell accounts, file sharing, kick asses webpages like ANTIONLINE, and, of course, the dreaded chat rooms. but, i fear that there is much being done by 'authorities' to get rid of these 'luxuries of the net' and that if we dont make a stand for what we know is right, and for what we know is out there, that all might be lost.... anywayz, aside from my babbling about the politics of the net, i think u are on the right track to getting where u need to be, and i wanna wish u the best of luck on ur trip there!

    my '2 cents' on tha subject,

    the original,


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    as Conf1rm3d_K1ll sayd..

    I remember a time when a C64 was a cool computer still is

    I rememver a time when Microsoft made DOS and i never seen a GUI in resolutions higher then 320x240

    I remember a time when 256 colors was a lot !!

    I remember a time when programming in QuickBasic was kewl..

    damn I'm getting old..
    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.
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