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Thread: Chat progs?

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    Chat progs?

    hey all. would any of you happen to know of any popular chatting programs that hackers use. im already aware of irc, but im looking for a more deep, professional way that they use to talk. would help. thanks.
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    You are using one right now. AO!

    There are several message boards out there.

    Many people use IRC and instant mesagaing.
    Check out ICQ too.

    You will find that a lot of the java chat rooms just put you in a IRC room.
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    Not counting the old-school bbs systems, the IRC networks are the oldest and best around. It's about as deep and professional as you can get, next to a phone.

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    irc networks yes, im guessing you are a windows user, so www.xchat.org has a windows bin.. xchat provides a user with a gui to chat with that includes many functionalities/options that are very beneficial and convenient. If you are running a form of *nix you will need gtk2... and thats not fun to compile

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