Alright, downup, serious problem.

Because of good response in my web design business that im getting, ive decided to have profits in domain name and web hosting also. I asked the company about commission and they said they dont give any commission downright but i can charge as much as i want on the selling price.
Now the problem is, when a user logins into the control panel, they have to go through the original web hosting website, right ? and that's how they are going to know where i am doing it from for them, and they could call the company and ask them the price, which will obviously less than what i was selling them for. This company has a price challenge, which they say if anybody gives you below that price, we'll give you 10% less. Anyway, is there a way to make some profit in web hosting and buying domain names for customers without letting them know ?
The only option is to downright them tell them that i have a commission in between because im finiding you the cheapest company in India, but then that blocks my future dealings with that guy, he could go directly to the company.

Not could, he would.