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    Uncle Sam's Empire Strikes Back

    Big brother is trying to push their control on software control. This includes all uncopyrighted mp3s and other downloads. Check it, sign the petition, please.


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    Really interesting,

    Looks like they want us go back to the good old days.Forget about windows and www. .....
    What happened to freedom ?


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    Damn it looks weird and crazy enough to be real ...
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    Is USA becoming CHINA? All those anti-terrorist laws, now this. What's next?
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    OMG, this is insane. Let us assume that they suceed, and it becomes part of Microsofts OS. They would not sell a single MS cd anymore. And, can they force the open source community to put it on they diverse OS's? This is so sick. I may not live inside the US, but the thought that software and Operating System shipped are going to contain this (wether they accept it or not) is really a big step back in society. I try to speak in the name of the home users who like listening to music on their computers (mp3) and who life to watch a movie. The whole world would become illegal
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    Since alternative operating systems like Linux and FreeBSD would most likely refuse to incorporate government policeware into their code, users of these open-source systems would also be eligible for hard time.
    so using anything but m$ would be illegal? i dont think so.

    A manufacturer, importer, or seller of digital media devices may not --

    (1) sell, or offer for sale, in interstate commerce, or

    (2) cause to be transported in, or in a manner affecting, interstate commerce,

    a digital medial device unless the device includes and utilizes standard security technologies that adhere to the security system standards adopted under section 3.
    so get your players/rippers/burners now before they put it an antipiracy chip.

    (3) DIGITAL MEDIA DEVICE. -- The term "digital media device" means any hardware or software that --

    (A) reproduces copyrighted works in digital form;

    (B) converts copyrighted works in digital form into a form whereby the images and sounds are visible or audible; or

    (C) retrieves or accesses copyrighted works in digital form and transfers or makes available for transfer such works to hardware or software described in subparagraph (B).

    on the other hand, where there is a will, there is a way. napster fell and even more sharing programs became available.

    however, i would say that people wont stand for this. people will fight for their freedoms, but i havent seen it. most people are all too willing to lay down and die.
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    This is extremely disturbing...

    If you are U.S. citizen and enjoy "freedom" please sign the petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/SSSCA/petition-sign.html?
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    it's going to be hard for this to go through considering they are challenging the rights to open source software here. This will go to the court systems for sure if it goes through, an I don't think the gov't will be able to present a strong case on it.

    I don't like it, no sir, not one bit ( I wonder who will get that quote ).

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    even if it does come out... there will always be the underground there to beat it...

    nothing is fullproof... just look at how things have gone in the past...

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    Reading the actual bill, I dont see it in there anywhere where 5 years/500,000 dollar fine....
    worst I saw was ...
    IN GENERAL. The provisions of section 1203 and 1204 of title 17, United States Code, shall apply to any violation of this Act as if --

    (1) a violation of section 5 or 6(a)(1) of this Act were a violation of section 1201 of title 17, United States Code; and
    (2) a violation of section 4 or section 6(a)(2) of this act were a violation of section 102 of that title.

    (b) STATUTORY DAMAGES. -- A court may award damages for such violation of section 6(b) of not less than $200 and not more than $2,500, as the court considers just.

    Where does that include any jail time? Anything over 2500.00? Not in the bill.
    something doesnt add up with this sites claims.

    Another side note - contact us does not lead to a direct email. Its "Put your email in here. We will contact you."
    Im starting to smell a hoax. A very profitable hoax.
    And the logo they use? Pinkerton Securitys logo, inverted and slightly modified. Something REAALLLY smells fishy.
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